Open Home is the perfect app to demonstrate the clear advantage of the open-source Android OS to the unconverted. iPhone fanboys will be weeping salty tears onto their homogenous homescreens when they witness the myriad customisation options available on this Android-only app.

Open Home lets you pimp your Android device's OS appearance till your retinas are begging for mercy . You can gorge on hundreds of free custom skins, unique icons and funky new fonts, as well as download many more user-generated efforts from Android Market.

From Tron-like glowing neon to 3D transparencies to retro LED stylings, you can choose a phone that not only functions exactly as you want, but also looks like you personally commissioned its homescreens too.

A word of warning – you have to purchase the £2.49 Unlock pack to get anything like full functionality and there are a few reports of force closes, but it's still worth the punt.

If you've got an Android phone, you've already opted for a device that stands out from the crowd. If you instal Open Home, you've now got one that takes personalisation to an eye-watering level. Well done you.

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Open Home 6 review

Give iPhone fanboys an eyeful with the ultimate homescreen customisation tool