Few major sporting events last as long as the annual Tour de France – 21 gruelling stages over three weeks of racing. But sometimes we get the feeling it's actually tougher for us at home trying to keep up with it all.

Watch the whole thing live and you'll have dropped well over 100 hours of your life, watch the fantastic ITV4 highlights every night and you're still committing an entire day to sitting on the sofa watching other people slog it out on the roads. We love it, but miss a day's action and you sometimes feel like you've dropped off the back of the peleton and can't get back.

That's where the Official 2011 Tour de France app comes in. You can keep abreast of the day's racing as it happens, so if you miss out on the TV coverage that day, you're still in the middle of the action.

As the racing kicks off each day the written updates start trickling in – short, sharp snippets of racing in manageable chunks to let you know how the peleton is shaping up. This is complemented by live tracking – a map of the stage route on which you can see the pack's progress, how many kilometres are left and even the current weather conditions.

To help you plan your week's viewing better, you can check out the calendar with stage listings and handy route profiles so you never miss a gripping mountain chase again.

Each day there's a handful of videos to sate your ocular cravings – most importantly, the finishing sprint and interview with the stage winner, accompanied by a daily racing analysis by five-time tour winner Bernard "Badger" Hinault (translated).

There's also a photo section with screengrabs from the day's racing coverage, though in testing they came out a bit squashed, which is a shame.

Current rider and team standings are also available, all beautifully laid out with jersey illustrations and rider info. You can even pin your favourites at the top of the list so you don't have to scroll all the way down the finishing order each day if they're not doing so well.

All in all this app is fantastic value and a must for any self-respecting Tour fan.

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Official 2011 Tour de France review

Don't miss a trick this Tour – keep on top of the action with this comprehensive app