It’s easy to forget in this world of augmented reality and Photoavatar frippery that not everyone wants an all-singing smartphone. Some people want to, you know, just make calls and send texts.   

No company is better at serving their needs than Nokia. The snazzily designed C5 is its latest million-seller in waiting, but it’s not just a basic dumb-phone – there’s a dash of sophistication, too, in its Series 60 OS built-in GPS. Combine this with the excellent free Ovi Maps, and you have a fully functioning sat-nav as well.

Mappy days

After all, Nokia has designed Ovi Maps so you can use it offline – that is, without data traffic. This makes it ideal for using overseas without fear of massive data roaming charges. But, sadly, the C5 doesn’t have Wi-Fi for when you track down a free hotspot.

This is a phone designed to be common-sense-straightforward rather than Mensa-smart. So it has a workmanlike keypad and decent, if not exactly cinematic, 2.2in screen.

Nokia’s home screen is busier than before, with icon shortcuts in a row at the bottom. It’s still accessible enough, and the shortcuts bar works well. One touch and you’ve launched Ovi Maps.

Solid camera

The camera is pretty basic – at 3.2MP, it’s behind most of the competition in terms of resolution. But it takes impressive photos in daylight, with low light the only thing to fox it despite the LED flash.  

The C5 may not have Wi-Fi but it can still move data fast. If you can find speedy enough transmitters, it can handle downloads of up to 10.2Mbps.

Music maker  

Although there’s not a huge amount of integral storage, you can pop in a microSD card to use the C5 as a music player. And Nokia has thoughtfully included a 3.5mm headphone jack so you can use your favourite cans.

For all its woes in the high-end smartphone game Nokia has always been able to churn out the most accessible, great-looking, simple phones, and the C5 is the latest in a successful chain. It lacks Wi-Fi, but is otherwise a very well-featured and affordable Series 60 blower.


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Nokia C5 review

A sleek, affordable smartphone with a host of great features, but Wi-Fi is a big miss