Nokia makes so many phones it's running out of names for them. Recently it launched two handsets with the same model number, the 6500 Classic and Slide; now it's at it again with its 7500 and 7900 fashion phones, both called Prisms.  

The pair each sport triangular keys and cunning lighting effects, but there are differences. The 7900 looks the classier of the two: it's smaller and heavier thanks to its matt-painted aluminium finish, which we prefer to the 7500's plastic casing.  

Invisible keypad

It's also prettier on the inside, as tucked away is 1GB of storage and it's 3G too. But it isn't the easiest phone to dial – the keys are smaller than its brother's and, until you touch the keypad, there's no visible numbering on them, making it fiddly to dial your first number.

Touch the keypad, however, and it lights up in a potentially embarrassing bright pink. But don't worry – you can choose from 48 other colours, illuminating not only the keys but a pair of lights on the top edge which fade up and down in standby.

Strikingly slim

The phone itself is slim and sturdy, and has a bright and sharp OLED screen. There's also a tiny front-facing VGA camera for video calls, although anyone Stuff finds doing this will be shot without questions.

There are a couple of missing features we'd have much rather seen instead of this pointless second camera. Unlike the 7500 there's no expansion slot, so you're restricted to whatever few crumbs of music you can keep on the one gig supplied.

Radio no-show

And while we're complaining, how come there's no FM radio? It's not exactly essential, but is a handy feature if you're on the bus and don't want to spend the journey calling people to tell them that's where you are.

Still, the camera holds its own. It's a two-megapixel number with flash, takes solid shots and provides a few photo effects for the bored, including one that washes out colours with different shades for a drug-induced effect.

The 7900 Prism is a fashion phone, so it seems a bit unfair to slap its wrists for lacking advanced features. But a memory card slot and better keys might well have lifted it to the heights of the Milan catwalks, rather than the shopping centre shows it's destined for.


Stuff says... 

Nokia 7900 Prism review

The Prism has some novel design touches, but a lack of real star quality and some missing features see it fall short of the fashion phone elite