There are many giveaway signs that a handset considers itself to be a ‘fashion phone’. Some are so thin, you could use them to carve the Sunday roast. Others plate themselves in gold and carry a four figure price tag. And then there are those, like Nokia’s 7310 Supernova, that take the changeable ‘fascia’ route.

Yes, according to the Finns, having a wasabi green phone rather than a steel blue one can help change your mood. Its Xpress-On covers even boast textured designs, and you get one in the box – ours was pastel pink, but other options include plum jam and (try not to snigger) mellow yellow.

Thin thing

The 7310 Supernova is, aside from its Hollywood name, a model in other ways too. It’s just 12mm thick (not quite good enough for the catwalk, but not bad) and is lightweight at 83g.

When the phone goes into standby, the shiny screen becomes a makeshift mirror and, since the keys are shiny, they join in the effect. These keys at first look like they might be tricky to use, but in fact they’re fine.

The phone’s screen is bright and colourful and you can choose from five different themes. Maybe it’s our eyes, but none of them makes text easy to read. And though you can switch off the wallpaper on the home screen, it reappears in other applications, which is annoying.

Supermodel brains

The 7310 Supernova is also a fashion handset under its changeable bonnet. Not only are there multicoloured stars inside the case, decorating the area round the battery, but it has fashion phone (read disappointing) specs.

For starters, there’s a 2megapixel camera, but no flash. This is a shame for the Supernova as it can’t hang around those dingy nightclubs it loves so much.

Also on board is an FM radio, which works via the headset and includes RDS to give you relevant data on screen, and an MP3 player. This supports AAC and WMA tracks, and you get a microSD slot to store up to 4GB of catwalk soundtracks.

Headphone options are, though, a bit mixed. On the plus side, there’s stereo Bluetooth for wireless cans, but annoyingly there’s no 3.5mm jack, which means you need an adaptor to use your own cans. This is, frankly, all a bit Sony Ericsson.

If you fancy something sparkly and chic, but don’t need to watch BBC iPlayer on the move or take printable snaps, the 7310 Supernova is a light, cute handset that won’t cost too much. Just don’t buy it as a birthday gift for your gruff, lager-swilling mate.


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Nokia 7310 Supernova review

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