The 6500 Classic and Slide may share a codename, but that’s largely where the similarities end. Whereas the Slide packs powerful features like a 3.2MP camera, the Classic uses its wafer-thin 9.5mm torso to court the style hound. 

It’s not a complete simpleton – the inclusion of 3G is helpful for web browsing – but the cameras is only 2MP and there’s no expandable memory. Still, it’s mined from the finest metal and also individually polished by nubile Scandinavian underwear models so not one phone is alike. Okay, we stretched the truth a little there – but we still couldn’t tell the difference between the two Classics we played with.  

Part metal jacket

Unique finish or not, the Classic uses anodized aluminium instead of stainless steel. This gives it that cool metallic touch and lovely curved edges, although its quality build is slightly let down by a plastic back cover. 

The keypad is nicely spaced with ridges for thumb grip while the 2in display is another 16-million colour, QVGA-quality stunner in the same vain as the 6500 Slider. It uses the well known Symbian Series 40 OS and plays out exactly like similar Nokia handsets: highly intuitive with Simple Simon tendencies.  

Headphone headache

Despite the diluted camera and video performance and limited 1GB internal memory the 6500 Classic does match some of the 6500 Slide’s feature flourishes. This includes a new look and lively sounding music player with audio equalizers.

But with one mini USB port to hook up the headphones, charger and PC connection, you’re a slave to the supplied tinny earphones, unless Nokia provide a suitable adapter to link up your quality 3.5mm jobbies. 

With only 1GB onboard storage space the Classic isn’t geared for becoming your primary music player but is good enough for snacking. You could always fall back on the built-in FM radio if you fancy a change from your tunes. 

Average cam

The 2MP snapper isn’t the sharpest tool and is accompanied by a crude LED light that does struggle for consistent and even illumination in dark conditions. Video capture is also set disappointingly at QCIF quality (176x144 pixels) and is naturally riddled with judder and drag. 

Elsewhere, you get the cinch-to-set-up email and Yahoo! Go internet app that handily integrates your web mail, internet search RSS feeds and access to FlickR. The other software boon is the Opera Mini web browser that brilliantly compresses and fits full-fat web pages onto the 2in display. 

Sure, the 6500 Classic can’t compete with the Slide on the feature front but Nokia has carved a refined and elegant fashion phone that still flaunts the odd neat feature flourish.


Stuff says... 

Nokia 6500 Classic review

The 6500 Classic’s gorgeously sculpted body work is just about enough for us to overlook its feature failings. One for the sophisticated style hounds among you