Our planet’s ailing health has got the power-guzzling gadget manufacturers clamouring to reduce their carbon footprint and help cool global warming.

Nokia is the first of the mobile phone major leaguers to show its green credentials with the 3110 Evolve handset. Unfortunately for the climate canaries, it isn’t 100% eco kosher. But it is a sound start from the Finnish giants.

Go organic

If we’re honest, kicking off its newfound tree-hugging ways with this lower division mid-ranger is a tad underwhelming. It’s essentially the 3110 but retooled with its casing mined from 50% renewable organic plant based materials. It also arrives in much smaller packaging made from 60% recycled materials.

Nokia finishes off its eco refurbish with a wall mains charger that pumps 94% less battery juice into your phone once it’s fully stocked up. We’re all culpable of leaving the handset plugged in and overcooking the recharging, so this nifty feature will leave our conscience guilt-free.

Idiot proof

Outside of its greenish sheen, the 3110 Evolve is a Nokia-by-numbers candybar with an overly glossy façade and an unpainted bland grey rear casing. Its keypad sports alarmingly big and child-like buttons and is naturally imbued with Nokia’s renowned user-friendliness.

Having forgone style for the greater good, the EDGE-roving Evolve also skimps on features. Firstly, the low-res screen is a fuzz fest and the 1.3MP camera, bereft of autofocus and flash, won’t be good enough to take close-ups of sleeping Pandas. Similarly, video capture quality is just B-Movie shabbiness, shooting in a crude 176x144 pixel resolution.

Great for music

The Evolve’s tidy music player is easily the best thing on show here, with a seven-band equaliser to customise the audio and the microSD slot able to handle 2GB cards. It sounds pretty lively through the supplied 2.5mm jack earphones, but if you want to hook up your own cans then you’ll need a 3.5mm adapter. Support for Stereo Bluetooth does at least give you a wireless option.

Nokia has also squeezed in a few extra treats including a built-in FM radio, the peerless Opera Mini web browser and access to its mini WidSets web-apps. It’s even bookmarked various WWF websites to spark your inner eco-activist.

We’re hoping the 3110 Evolve isn’t just a case of green-washing on Nokia’s part and that it will start to trickle down its eco-ways into all its entry level and high-end handsets. If your eco conscience outweighs your need for whiz-bang mobile mods then, right now, the 3110 Evolve is the only handset worth considering.


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Nokia 3110 Evolve review

A small, green step in the right direction but strictly for eco warriors who want a simple phone