Nikon's Coolpix P7000 manages the neat trick of looking like a traditional rangefinder camera, without actually feeling retro.

Like the Canon PowerShot G12 it's been built to face off against, it’s too much of a beast to describe as a “compact” camera, but far smaller and portable than an SLR or system camera.

Saturation time

Image quality is typical Nikon: very detailed, with colours that are a little over-saturated to make things look bouncier than they really are – not such a bad thing, but not to everyone's taste.

Above ISO 800, noise is more noticeable than on the Canon G12, but on the flidside we found that flash shots looked a bit more natural.

The 7x zoom range is helpful and trounces the Canon's 5x, and the big, hi-res LCD is superb for framing and reviewing images.

Hard to handle

The ergonomics are a bit of a fail, though, and slightly let the side down.

The exposure-compensation dial on the right is too easy to knock without noticing – we did, twice – and the function dial is fiddly.

The grip also isn't quite as chunky as the G12's, so it's not so comfortable to hold.

The P7000 isn't a bad stab at taking on the dominance of the Canon G-series, but it doesn't quite deliver in the most important areas.

Stuff says... 

Nikon Coolpix P7000 review

A good super-compact, but not a great one. The P7000 is living in the shadow of Canon's G-series