Zune HD coming 8 September?

So we already had some idea that the States would be seeing the now confirmed Zune HD sometime in the autumn, and now some leaked Microsoft docs are p

The folks at Gizmodo have been tipped off with some apparently official Microsoft blurb that lists the the Zune HD as shipping on September 8th.

The docs also note that the PMP will be available in 16GB and 32GB versions from that date.

Of course, we've seen no other Zune's officially launch over here, so there's no news, and little hope, as to whether we'll see this little beauty launch on our shores.

Still, with its 3.3-inch OLED multi-touch touchscreen, HD output, Wi-fi and built-in radio, all tucked in to a rather lovely looking shell, it might well be worth a nip across the Atlantic to get your hands on it.

We'll keep you updated on anything we hear, and in the meantime be sure to let us know what you think to the Zune HD below.