Zelfy Peel gives the Gear4 Unity iPhone remote some company

Want to control your TV with your iPhone? There could be more choice coming your way

Having just got hands-on with the Gear4 UnitRemote iPhone-controlled AV remote at IFA last week, we were mighty impressed, but it looks like there could be competition on the horizon already.

Over in the States, Engadget has dug up details of the Zelfy Peel submitted to the Federal Communications Commision.

The filing details a product called "Peel" which appears to work similarly to the Gear4 Unity. The "Peel Fruit" – an infrared-emitting sphere that would likewise sit on your coffee table – connects to an iPhone app via WiFi (as opposed to the Unity's Bluetooth connection) and lets the user control AV equipment via the app.

It's early days yet, but having loved the slickness of the Gear4 Unity, we're looking forward to seeing what the Zelfy Peel has got in store.

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