Zeebox app tags TV as you watch

New TV app makes viewing social – and tags what you're watching in real time

We're all surfing the web as we watch telly these days – and BBC iPlayer creator Anthony Rose is trying to combine the two experiences with his new service Zeebox.

Zeebox is an app and website that syncs with your TV, serving up all the information that you'd browse the web for when watching.

Log in with Facebook and it'll show you what shows your friends are watching, and let you chat with them. If you've got a smart TV, it'll let you use the iPad as a remote control, too.

It also flags up 'Zeetags' during the programme – similar to Twitter hashtags, they pick up on keywords used in the programme in real time. Click on a zeetag and it'll take you to the relevant website – an actor's IMDB page, a band's song on iTunes, or a recipe used in a cookery show. You can see how advertisers are going to love that – expect to see sponsored zeetags before too long.

Finally, it shows all the tweets associated with a show – and automatically adds the relevant hashtags to your posts. Clever stuff – now you'll finally be able to get all the information you could possibly want about, say, Gardeners' World and Songs of Praise at your fingertips .

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