Zaha Hadid Z-boat covers all the angles

This boat from architecht Zaha Hadid and Shoreteam looks like a stealth fighter – and it'll set you back almost as much

Looks like Batman's got himself a boat

Not quite – this is the Z-boat, an eight-metre vessel designed by architect Zaha Hadid for art dealer Kenny Schachter.

Well it's certainly a work of art…

It is indeed – that asymmetric angular form is made from fibreglass and carbon fiber, while the interior will be made from a "vinyl material new to the market."

Very nice, but it's a one-off, right?

Not quite – French boat builder Shoreteam is making 12 Z-boats, which will be available in a range of colours including white, grey and blue. That scarcity means that the price will be through the roof, though – the boats are going on sale at £300,000 a pop.

[via Forbes]

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