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An Yves Behar-designed Android console for US$100? Ouya kidding?

Ouya gaming console is "built to be hacked," and comes with a dev kit, say designers

Android is set to power Ouya, a new game console designed by Yves Behar – who created the look of the Jawbone Jambox and One Laptop Per Child.

The Ouya console is still in development according to this AngelList posting – though with involvement from Behar, along with former Microsoft VP of game publishing Ed Fries and Color co-founder Peter Pham, it’s not likely to remain hypothetical for long.

Concept imagery shows the console showcasing games including Shadowgun and Samurai Vengeance II, though the creators note that, “Any developer can publish games, just like mobile or social games today (but like no other console game platform). Orders of magnitude less expensive to develop.”

The Ouya is “built to be hacked,” say its creators, and the retail console – priced at US$100 – will ship with a dev kit.

Well, it certainly beats faffing around with your Android tablet, a micro-HDMI and a Bluetooth controller when you want to play Shadowgun on the big screen.

[via The Verge]

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