YouTube XL brings video content to your TV

YouTube has launched a simplified version of its site that has been optimised to view and control on your widescreen TV.Similar to the YouTube you mig

Similar to the YouTube you might find on high-end internet-enabled TVs (like Philips' Net TV), YouTube XL has stripped away all the fiddley bits of the website and replaced them with large fonts and simple menus.

Comments and suggested videos have also been done away with in an attempt to keep the internet clean.

You'll be able to access almost all the content you can on the regular site, however pesky rights restrictions will mean some premium content is out of bounds for TV viewing.

You will obviously have to hook up your laptop or games console to the TV in order to view YouTube on the big(ger) screen, but once that's done, you're free to trawl through as many stupid videos as you want to, all bumped up to work smoothly on your TV.

YouTube XL available now, so head on over to check it out and be sure to let us know what you think below.