YouTube strikes official movies deal

Until now, watching movies and TV shows on YouTube was always a risky business, with content at risk of being pulled down as soon as Google got a whif

But the Big G has just struck a deal with major studios to officially air films and the latest shows in the US. Studios who've put pen to paper include CBS, MGM, Lionsgate and er, Starz.

For now, this will be a Stateside only affair, although in an official blog post, YouTube's Sara Pollack said they were looking, "... forward to expanding to other regions as soon as possible."

YouTube will be making cash by showing ads throughout movies and shows, just as you'd find on TV. They say you won't be able to scroll through, but what price grabbing 30 minutes of TV or a full–length flick when you feel like it?

We're onto our people at YouTube to find out more about when us Brits will be getting in on the action. In the meantime, we'll just have to do with BBC iPlayer in HD.