YouTube to stream movies

Google is planning a Hollywood takeover to rival even Colin Firth's recent exploits

The big G is wooing Hollywood studios with $100 million  for the rights to stream movies on YouTube.

The proposed subscription-based service will compete with existing sites like LoveFilm, offering unlimited streaming to satisfy the appetites of ravenous film buffs and procrastinators alike.


Studios are no doubt hoping that this new service will cut down on the ever-growing piracy problems that plague Tinseltown, and Google's looking to increase advertising revenue by keeping users glued to their screens even longer than usual.


Subscription will hopefully offer salvation from the usual pesky commercials. We’re getting pretty sick of being peddled mascara when all we want to see are videos of kittens roller-skating.


No word on pricing or ad-free viewing as of yet, but we’ll hit you up with all the details as they come. Feel free to give us a shout below and let us know if you think this latest assault by Google will tempt you to part with your cash.