YouTube kicks off "best of 2009" video countdown

YouTube has jumped on the end of year best-of mania, with their very own best of 2009 videos list.It’s counting down to the new year by revealin

It’s counting down to the new year by revealing one new video everyday that’s managed to pull in the big views.

The two clips revealed so far are MysteryGuitarMan’s Guitar Impossible and Bizkit the sleepwalking dog, which have received 5 million and 11 million views each respectively. Wowsers.

The only question now is which other videos will make it on to YouTube’s list. Susan Boyle must be a hot favourite for top-spot – because we’ve seen “that” video enough times to repeat it line-for-line.

Which videos do you think will make it to the list? Check out the videos up so far and let us know below.