YouTube and Flash land on Windows Mobile

Steve Jobs has been a bit sniffy about bringing Adobe's Flash to the iPhone but not so Mr Gates.Microsoft and Adobe have just shaken hands on an agree

Microsoft and Adobe have just shaken hands on an agreement to bring a Pocket Internet Explorer Flash plug-in to all Windows Mobile devices such as O2 XDAs and Orange SPVs.

It's not quite the full-blown version but Adobe reckons it will work with 80% of websites that use Flash, which is 80% more than iPhone's Safari browser manages.

The list also happens to include the standard YouTube website, meaning Windows Mobiles will also be YouTube compatible. Hurrah!

Just one catch - Microsoft hasn't said when it'll be flicking the switch on the new plug-in. It's promised that the upcoming Windows Mobile 7 will have it ready-installed. Hopefully the rest of us will be able to get our hands on it sometime before then.


Contact: Microsoft