YouTube adds new features – gets trending topics

First Facebook followed in Twitter's footsteps with @replies, and now YouTube has moved into Twitter territory with the addition of trending topics to

As part of a number of new features that have gone live recently, the trending topics work just the same as in Twitter in that the most popular topics of the day are now teased at the bottom of the browse pages.

YouTube wrote on its blog that it would be testing how it performs and if it does well, it could find a "permanent home for it on the browse page and more broadly on YouTube". Interesting – although we did have to set our YouTube location to worldwide for it to show.

Other new additions include the first phase of the "find your friends" project that will make friend suggestions based on the email addresses of people you've shared videos with previously (dependent on privacy settings), activity subscriptions that will show you all the activity of any user you are subscribed to, including ratings and comments as well as uploads, and sticky HQ which will keep your video viewing in HQ for the whole of your session – preventing you having to click it every time.

Another Twitter-esque new feature is the "more comments" button that replaces the previous page-based system, while the ability to resume where you left off allows you to click in and out of a video and never have to find your place again.

Finally, there are also new discovery features in Insight so you can get more info on the people watching your videos, poster art in movies rather than thumbnails, and the ability to subscribe to shows themselves rather than the channel or provider.

Phew. Let us know what you think to any of these new additions below, and be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel to get all the videos to your inbox as they happen.