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To celebrate the UK launch of Audible, we're giving away League of Gentlemen and The Mighty Boosh audiobooks - £12 worth of downloads. No, we're not mad. Yes, you can win by reading more

To celebrate the launch of new website, Stuff and Audible are making three audio programs available for you to download. Squirt On The Town With The League Of Gentlemen, The Mighty Boosh and Snow Crash down the tubes, and listen to them at your computer or on your portable music device – absolutely free! is home to thousands of digital audiobooks that download in minutes and let you listen any time, anywhere.

The download process is automated by free and easy-to-use audio management software, AudibleManager, or you can download titles directly into iTunes and then drag and drop them onto your iPod or other MP3 player. If you have an AudibleReady portable audio player, such as one from Apple, Creative Labs or Rio, AudibleManager helps transfer your programs to your handheld device.

The titles on offer to Stuff readers are a veritable aural delight. On The Town With The League Of Gentlemen contains the complete series of the surreal humourists’ original radio fare, and features all your favourite monstrous characters, including Herr Lipp, the predatory German exchange teacher, as well as some unseen on TV.

The Mighty Boosh is among the best British comedy to date, and sees hopeless zookeepers Howard Moon and Vince Noir indulging in a series of surreal, incredible adventures, including rescuing bacon-obsessed mutants from a secret mountain hideaway.

Neal Stephenson’s cult novel Snow Crash stars Hiro Protagonist, a pizza delivery boy on Earth but a warrior prince in Metaverse, where he embarks on a search-and-destroy mission to bring down a computer virus. Is this really what the future holds in the USA? Want to get your ears round this handy entertainment? Read on.

How to get your free audio

• Go to

• Create an account

• Download audio in just a few easy steps

Once the audio titles are on your computer, you can listen to them there, on an iPod or other compatible MP3 player or Palm, or burn them to audio CDs.