You'll be building your own micro-electric car in 2013

The single-seater Pius brings a whole new meaning to "Pimp My Ride" in Japan

Fancy yourself as a bit of a grease monkey but want a little less...well...grease? Japanese company Modi Corp has unveiled its build-it-yourself micro electric vehicle, and it could be launching as early as Spring 2013.

At 2.5m long, the Pius is a car of diminutive proportions. Its top speed is just 35km/h, and a full charge will only take you 25 kilometres (about 15 miles), so it's unlikely to be Vin Diesel's top choice for the next Fast & Furious movie. It can, however, be registered as a class-1 motorised bike in Japan, and we'd love to have one for zipping down to the shops over here too. 

Modi Corp is primarily looking to sell the Pius kits to universities and mechanical schools for educational purposes as customisable components can be embedded in each vehicle to test them out.

We reckon a lot more non-students will be interested in this idea. The dream of one day building our very own Mario Kart inches closer.

[via Nikkei Tech-On!]

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