You shall go to the Olympics with these 3D-printed super shoes

Bling while you’re winning with these gold shoes that are custom printed to the exact profile of your feet. Also available not in gold. We hope

I see the Duchess of Cambridge has selected her footwear for the London 2012 opening ceremony

She wishes. Not even Cinderella had pumps this fancy. These shoes are designed for athletes of the future, and because they’re 3D printed to fit exactly, they’re super light (96g).

Nah, gold’s heavier than that

They’re made of sintered nylon polymide powder, actually. And that means they’re light enough to improve the speed and accuracy of the wearer. The shoes’ designer, Luc Fusaro of the Royal College of Art, reckons they could increase a runner’s efficiency by up to 3.5 per cent.

That’ll make the Olympics exciting

Not this year, it won’t. The shoes are still very much at prototype stage. They’re being tested though, so keep your eyes peeled for a pair soon. Hopefully they’ll come in blue or something as well.

[Luc Fusaro via DVICE]

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