You get to choose when Sony's new Xperia phone will launch

Like the Xperia S? There's more where that came from and we could see the new hardware this week

Sony's pretty indecisive at the moment – so much so that its latest marketing tease lets you – yes you – decide when the follow up to the beautiful Xperia S will be announced.

Specs, price and even a name are thin on the ground but that hasn't stopped almost 16,000 fans taking part in the campaign so far – the launch has already been brought forward from June 22nd to June 18th.

Xperia Blog reckon that the four unlocked prize boxes on the Facebook page mean we could see four new handsets – but with the Xperia P and U already cornering the budget end, we'd be pretty surprised if that happened. And despite the fact we don't get to choose our dream phone via crowdsourcing (maybe next time – can we have a proper PlayStation phone, please?), we like the idea of keeping Sony execs on their toes.

Head over to the Sony Mobile app on Facebook to click the Fast Forward button and enter the competition to win this mystery Xperia smartphone. As for the launch, we'll bring you photos and specs as soon as you decide you want them.

[via engadget]

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