You can buy Google’s Project Glass future specs now for US$1500

There are lots of caveats, but if you must get all sci-fi Google’s head-up display bins are within reach for mere mortals

Sergey Brin took to the Google I/O keynote stage and turned it into a temporary catwalk to model the company’s latest eyewear – Project Glass.

We got to see three styles – blue, white and black – each housing a “powerful” CPU in one arm, plus a mic, speaker, camera and touchpad.

And you can pre-order a pair now for the princely (though, all things considered, not astronomical) price of US$1500. We say that, though you’ll have to be attending Google’s I/O event, live in the US and put up with the fact that your Explorer Edition Project Glass bins won’t show up till early in 2013. Oh, and you might look a bit silly wearing them in Sainsbury’s.

We’re sure there’ll be a batch heading to eBay for those outside the Googlerati, too. How much are you willing to bid?

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