You can already watch 4K satellite broadcasts in the UK

Ultra High-resolution 4K broadcasts are here! But they're kinda boring and hard to pick up

4K Ultra HD is the next big TV technology due to infiltrate our homes, but currently the only way most people can lay their eyes on it is to stream content from Netflix or Amazon. 

Previous rumours have suggested that Sky will launch a 4K service one day, but we've had no confirmation so far. However SES Astra, the company that runs the satellites that Sky uses, is now broadcasting a 4K channel in the UK. Interesting...

The channel can be picked up by an ordinary satellite dish, so long as you have a 4K UHD TV with an HEVC decoder. The demo channel, offering images of sports, animals and cityscapes, is now airing on Astra's 19.2 degree service. 

Mike Chandler, managing director of Astra (GB) Ltd stated that Astra is "...making use of the capacity to enable UK and Irish retailers, installers, and enthusiasts to understand the technology that makes UHD possible, and what it will mean for their viewing experience."

While none of this confirms that Sky will be launching a 4K service any time soon, it does prove that 4K content can be broadcast over-the-air. 

We'll just have to wait and see how long it'll be before we can get multiple channels showing live 4K content. Like 4K UHD Geordie Shore. 

On second thoughts, we can wait a bit longer.

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