This is the yacht Steve Jobs designed with Philippe Starck

It’s made of aluminium. Obviously. And the control deck is loaded with iMacs. Also obviously

We’ve praised Steve Jobs for many things in the past, but never for shipbuilding. Yet this is the yacht Jobs called in Philippe Starck to help design, uncovered on (Google Translate version here).

The boat – said to be between 70 and 80 metres long has an aluminium hull (brushed, we suspect) to make it lighter and faster. As far as we can tell (our Dutch is a bit rusty), the pictures surfaced at an event given by the Jobs family to thank the shipbuilders who put the titanic vessel together.

It’s not known if the family plans to keep the ship, but it’s suggested Jobs had it built with the intention of sailing around the world with his kin. The control deck – naturally enough – is kitted out with a rank of iMacs. What else did Steve Jobs build that we haven’t heard of? We’re holding out for the Apple iJetPack.

[via, thanks to @EdConwaySky]

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