Xoom 2 coming for Christmas

This Xoom 2 looks like an 8.2in model that was code named Fleming, and it also looks like it's coming soon

Motorola has already blown our socks off and given us Christmas stocking filling envy with the RAZR, and now Carphone Warehouse has leaked an 8.2in Xoom 2.

The Xoom 2, previously codenamed Fleming, hadn’t surfaced until now. It would appear that €400 (£345) will get you the 8.2in Wi-Fi only tablet, along with 16GB onboard storage and the Android Honeycomb OS, but there’s no word of the 10.1in Xoom 2.

Motorola will be offering a cheaper original 10.1in Xoom for US$380 (£240), but does that mean it's not bothering to upgrade the larger slate? At this stage anything is possible – especially with leaked photos of the Xoom 2 surfacing not long ago.

Whatever happens we can be almost certain there is a Xoom 2 coming down the chimney for Christmas. And with Ice Cream Sandwich tipped to land on many devices in 2012 (including the Motorola RAZR) we can expect Google’s recently purchased Motorola to have its products at the top of the list for an Android 4.0 upgrade.

[Image: techcrunch]

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