Xbox Wireless N adapter spotted in Asda

We knew the Xbox Wireless N adapter was more than just a rumour after Microsoft confirmed its existence back in September, and now its creeped its way

With the snappier 802.11n standard wireless, the new Wifi adapter will give your console a faster wirelessi connection than the previous offering.

While this does go someway to bringing the console in line with its competitors, its existence will disappoint those hoping to see integrated wireless in the Xbox 360 anytime soon.

Spotted priced up in Asda for £49.99, the same price as the previous adapter, previous sightings in the States and on Amazon France had it listed for shipping between 10-20 November.

If its cropped up on the shelves over here, we can't imagine it'll be long before we get the official announcement.

We'll of course keep you updated, but sound off below your thoughts on the new Xbox 360 accessory.

Via: Engadget