Xbox TV set-top box to serve Xbox 720’s media smarts to non-gamers

A duo of rumours suggests that TV functionality will be hard-baked into Microsoft’s new console – and there’ll be a cheaper set-top box, too

It’s no surprise that the next generation of top-tier consoles – the PS4 and as-yet-unnamed Xbox 720 – will do more than gaming. And a new leak suggests the new Xbox may even daisy chain to your existing TV box to integrate your cable or satellite feeds into the console’s UI.

The console would sit between your TV and existing set-top box, daisy-chained via HDMI, yet you would control everything via the Xbox, which could overlay its own interface on to programme guides and recording menus, according to The Verge.

The tech blog compares the rumoured feature to Google TV – with the addition of Xbox gaming. Kinect integration could also count the number of people looking at the TV, and pause if they look away (a la Samsung Galaxy S4).

More interesting still is that Microsoft could issue a cheaper set-top box – perhaps called Xbox TV – that could serve up the Xbox 720’s media smarts to non-gamers. Naturally, the company’s keeping tight-lipped about any details, but we’re expecting to hear some sneaky Xbox details from MS’s top brass in May.

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