Xbox One up for £400 pre-order with November 30th UK release

Microsoft remains tight-lipped about pricing and exact release details for its new console. But one online retailer is ready to take your Xbox One money
Microsoft Xbox One

Want to know the price and release date for Microsoft’s new Xbox One? Yeah, us too. And if we believe our eyes, we've just found it.TheUKEdit has the console priced at £400 for an November 30th 2013 release and you can pre-order from the site now.

We can't vouch for the site's credentials (truth be told, we hadn't heard of it until today) but it's either got an extremely unlikely launch scoop, or it's banking on Microsoft's likely pricing/release strategy and trying to get ahead of the pack. We suspect the latter, but if you've been holding out your Xbox One cash since the announcement in the hope of it being snatched from your hand, this is the moment you've been waiting for.

Caveat emptor, and let us know how you get on...

[via TheUKEdit]