Xbox One price drops to £400, comes with a free copy of Titanfall

Microsoft slashes the price of its next-gen console in the UK – but it's still more than the PS4
Microsoft Xbox One

Good news for bargain-hunters: Microsoft has lopped £30 off the price of the Xbox One, bringing it down to £400.

If you can bear to wait until the end of the week, the new pricing kicks in on Friday - just in time for payday. Microsoft is also taking preorders for an Xbox One bundle featuring its would-be killer app Titanfall – read our preview to see how the game measures up.

Of course, the Xbox One is still more expensive than its next-gen rival, the Sony PlayStation 4, which comes in at £350 – largely because the Xbox One comes complete with the pricey Kinect sensor, while the PS4's PlayStation Eye camera is an optional extra.

Wondering which console to pledge your allegiance to in the next-gen wars? Check out our Xbox One vs PS4 feature.

[Source: The Verge]