Xbox One may watch you sit through adverts and reward you

Achievement unlocked: advert watched. The Xbox One Kinect could be used to dangle a digital carrot in front of TV viewers

If the Xbox One’s always-on Kinect sensor wasn’t Orwellian enough for you, advertisers always watching you should do the trick.

A patent from Microsoft details how the Kinect could watch viewers to see how they react to adverts. But it goes further. The Xbox One could then reward you for sitting through a number of adverts by awarding digital gifts, avatar enhancements or reward points – much like the Black Mirror episode 15 Million Merits.

Of course, it's not that different to Google's constant tracking of your web browsing habits – but to a generation who've grown used to being able to fast forward through ads on PVRs, it could prove a difficult sell.

[via BGR]