Xbox One launch liveblog

Microsoft's new Xbox is set to be unveiled at 6pm UK time – check here for the latest updates

Microsoft is taking the wraps off the Xbox One right now! We're live at the event, so check back for our latest updates. You can also watch the livestream here.


Call of Duty: Dogs

19:03 And out!

19:02 You'll get to kill people with knives while a dog watches. Tsunami looked good. Many explosions. 

19:01 Gameplay running in engine on the One. World premiere.

19:00 What's a self-casting shadow? Find out in COD Ghosts.

19:00 And really hairy arms. Cuts, bruises and even dirt beneath fingernails. It's impressive.

18:59 Now including dog ear tattoos.

18:58 Modern Warfare 3.

18:58 Side by side comparison with the current COD and the next gen.

18:58 Best COD ever, says Rick.

18:58 Amazing footage of a motion capture Alsatian. Sorry if I'm typing funny, I'm laughing.

18:57 COD has the best fans in the world, apparently.

18:57 Multiplayer – lots of stuff. Doors! Explosive maps! You can choose the heads!

18:56 There will be guns and things. You can slide. Interactive smoke! Fish that move out of the way! I'm not making this up. Honest.

18:56 Possibly.

18:55 He does everything from sniffing explosives to peeing on the carpet.

18:55 You're a super elite fighter attacking some superior force. blah blah. One of the fascinating additions to COD is a dog!

18:54 Game is written by the writer of Traffic and Syriana.

18:54 Wireframe graphics!

18:53 Some behind the scenes guff for Call of Duty. Bet it's just blokes playing on computers.

18:53 Call of Duty Ghosts. New world, new characters, new narrative.

18:53 We will see Call of Duty footage. Entirely new COD for the next generation.

18:52 Eric Hirshberg of Activision.

18:52 All downloadable content for Call of Duty will launch first on Xbox One.

18:52 Last thing is... the number one series of games today and one of the biggest franchises in entertainment .

18:52 Tune in to E3 for many more blockbuster games, including exclusives.

18:51 Any price? Dream on.

18:51 Launching Xbox One around the world "later this year."

18:50 Yep, he's wrapping up.

18:50 Xbox One will be the one system you use and love everyday.

18:50 That might be it for today – Don's back...

18:50 Also Microsoft technology on the sideline for coaches. That's interesting.

18:49 Live broadcast and fantasy league stats updated live, and will let you openly taunt your friends. Apparently.

18:48 MS will get exclusive content on Xbox and Smart Glass. Easier to play Fantasy Football.

18:47 Oh, American football. Of course.

18:47 Live sports too. New partnership with the most popular league in the US. Tiddlywinks?

18:47 No word.

18:46 Intersection of technology and mythmaking. What's he doing though? Directing? Producing?

18:46 He's been playing games for decades. He liked Pong in 1974. But games have become better, says Steven.

18:45 Live action Halo TV series - Mr Steven Spielberg! He's not there in person. Video link.

18:45 "TV is good!" says Bonnie. She wants to merge the storytelling magic of TV with the interactive innovation of One

18:45 Web series as well as games.

18:44 343 Industries head Bonnie Ross.

18:44 Halo on TV?

18:44 Will work on TV shows, live events, digital shorts.

18:43 Xbox will become the new watercooler.

18:42 Xbox is a whole new platform. Until now, TV has been a one-way street. TV on Xbox will immerse you, jump into the action whenever you want. Personalized TV, and social TV, driven by 10 of millions of people on Xbox LIve.

18:42 Nancy Tellem from Xbox Entertainment Studios is up.

18:42 15 exclusive games in first year of One, 8 brand new franchises, from Microsoft Studios.

18:41 First person shooter with lots of little crinkly glass effects.

18:41 A big boat crashing into a bridge!

18:41 Excellent physics.

18:40 Bloody awesome.

18:40 Really natural looking. Pretty damn impressive. Polygons to die for. Superb lighting.

18:40 Right, some real footage on One.

18:40 Quantum Break from Remedy.

18:40 Available at launch - more to see at E3. So launch won't be for a while then...

18:39 Teams are hard at work to build original content on the Xbox One.

18:38 More new games, and your favourite franchise reimagined for a new generation.

18:38 Forza 5 footage. Really, that's irreponsible to drive that fast on city streets. Someone could get hurt.

18:37 Forza Motorsport 5!

18:36 "Your favourite franchises reimagined for the new generation."

18:36 Teams are beavering away around the globe even as we speak.

18:35 Games will be more immersive and connected than ever before.

18:35 Phil Spencer from Microsoft Studios is out now.

18:30 Clips of EA sponsored sports people.

18:29 New EA Sports Ignite game engine. Designed to blur line between real and virtual. Dynamic environments. Living worlds. Random words!

18:29 All will launch within 12 months. Launch clue!

18:29 Four games for One: FIFA, Madden, NBA and UFC

18:29 New partnerships. Hmm, who's buying who?

18:28 Andrew Wilson from Electronic Arts.

18:27 Game devs can drive direct game computation. Bigger matches with more players – you can live in a persistent world.

18:27 A dedicated game DVR to capture your games to the cloud. Bragging rights. Dynamic achievements.

18:26 Content is stored in the cloud - music, movies, games and saves.

18:26 Today 15,000 servers power XBL. This year, over 300,000 servers just for Xbox One. Like the whole web in 1999.

18:26 New Xbox Live, based on the same membership. More powerful, more personal, more intelligent.

18:25 Kinect recognises you and the controller.Lag-free, instant and complete experience.

18:24 Born to work together, natively part of the platform.

18:24 SmartGlass – Enables devices to work with Xbox, with Surface Pro. 10m downloads for the 360.

18:24 Controller. Lots of changes. New triggers. Designed by gamers, apparently.

18:23 Revolutionised Kinect to spot rotations of wrists and shoulders, balance. It can read your heartbeat. Human control for a human experience.

18:22 1080p wide field of view.

18:22 2Gbits of data per second on input side.

18:22 New Kinect sensor putting you at the centre of entertainment, designed to respond to you, your voice and gestures.

18:22 You can switch to games like it's a channel flip.

18:21 "It changes everything."

18:21 Three OS in one? Best of Xbox, secondly the kernel of Windows, third connects to two to give instant switching and multitasking.

18:20 Practically silent. Powerful box to deliver now and into the future.

18:20 5bn transistors, 8GB RAM, USB 3.0, WiFI direct, Blu-Ray, native 64-bit.

18:20 Three big investments. Revolutionary Xbox architecture. Second, input devices, Kinect and Smart Glass. Third, the power of the cloud.

18:19 Marc Whitten on the science behind the magic.

18:18 Suck it, Tim Cook. The beginning of truly intelligent TV.

18:18 Just a minute – isn't this the Apple TV system that everyone was waiting for?

18:18 Trending lets you know what everyone in the Xbox community is watching.

18:18 Favourites is like having your own channel.

18:17 Just say the channel name – HBO, MTV or whatever. Very smooth.

"Xbox, watch TV"

18:17 TV problem – finding what to watch. Xbox One Guide. Voice Control, Favourties and Trending.

18:16 Also interactive political debates! Anyone?

18:16 Apps that integrate with TV shows. Brings up alert when your team scores, connects to Fantasy Leagues etc.

18:15 Voice control seems to work pretty well.

18:14 Widescreen HD and the "best living room camera" available. Only on Xbox can you do group videos.

Skype on Xbox One

18:14 Skype on Xbox One, of course.

18:13 Like picture in picture for the digital age.

18:13 Snap mode – multiple programs run alongside each other.

18:13 Grab and expand to return to movies. Hmm., not sure those are totally intuitve. We'll see more in the hands on time.

18:12 Spread hands and grab to go home.

18:12 New set of gestures to control entertainment.

18:12 Instant switching - extremely quick switching when you say Go To Internet Explorer, Watch TV. Switching between entertainment is as easy as changing channels.

18:11 Xbox One is going to deal with home cinema inputs. Just say Xbox Watch TV.

18:10 Xbox Go Home brings you back to home screen.

18:10 New area called Trending - brings up content popular with friends and the Xbox community.

18:10 It will remember what I was last doing.

18:09 You just say Xbox On. (Didn't Google Glass copyright that?)

18:09 A single device to provide all of your entertainment, turn on your TV and control all of your gear.

18:09 Some experiences here, and 'a lot more' at E3

18:09 Very Matrix, especially with all the green lights.

18:08 OK, Yusef Mehdi to tell us about the One.

Xbox One

18:08 Simple. Instant. Complete.

18:08 Obsessed about every finite detail.

18:08 Fair play to Microsoft - unveiling the unit straight away.

18:08 Nice industrial design. Very urban looking. Like a fancy Blu-ray player from, ahem, Sony.

18:08 Classy controller, Cloud powered.

18:07 Massive on board camera. Instantly responds to you.

18:07 Xbox One!

18:07 Here it comes.

18:06 One system for a new generation.

18:06 It's time for tech to step behind the curtain, and for you and your entertainment to take centre stage.

18:06 Xbox mission is an an all in one system that puts you at the centre. It must be simple, instant and complete.

18:06 Exciting new ways to play and have fun - yes, like on smartphones?

18:05 Potted history of Xbox - Live, 360, Kinect.

18:05 Don Matrrick is here. He's very excited. Putting you at the centre of games and TV, all of your entertainment coming alive in one place.

18:04 There must be some paid whoopers here.

18:03 TV will recognise you, remember all the things you like and love. Use the power of the cloud to set you free. We'll stop watching and start feeling alive.

We're here!

17:57 Don Mattrick is happy to see us.

17:55 We're currently enjoying some chill dance music and green lighting that makes everyone here look even more sickly than games journalists normally do.

17:54 It's a low key event - around 400 journos and Microsofties in a dedicated tent set up on Microsoft's drizzly campus in Redmond.

17:53 I'm sitting solidly in the schmooze zone of Microsoft execs. Expect whooping outages in due course.

17:43 T minus 17 – and we're in!

16:50 We're here! Percentage of journos wearing Google Glass – zero.