Xbox 720 to get DVR functionality

Microsoft's patent reveals plans for living room domination…

Microsoft's Xbox 720 may be making an appearance at CES next week and patents suggesting the inclusion of DVR functionality in the next-gen console have cranked our excite-o-meters up to 11.

It's no secret that Microsoft wants to infiltrate living rooms with its Xbox console and – if Joseph Dumary's mock-up above is anything to go by – the next-gen console from the boffins at Redmond should fit right in with the rest of your telly gadgetry.

Whether or not DVR functionality will be enough to tempt people away from the likes of Virgin or Sky remains to be seen, but native recording of game footage without the need for any video capture shenanigans will be a godsend if included.

Stay tuned for more details from our Stuff team who are jetting off to Vegas next week for CES – the world's biggest consumer electronics show – to bring you all the tech action from the front row...

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