Xbox 720 to be US$99 with a contract?

Analyst predicts that the next-gen Xbox will be subsidised for those willing to sign up to a long-term cable subscription

The next Xbox could be sold in partnership with a broadband and TV provider, leading to a low up-front cost supplemented with monthly subscription payments. At least, that’s what analyst Michael Pachter reckons.

Pachter – who pops up with this kind of prediction all the time and is occasionally accurate – is “pretty confident that in the US Microsoft is going to partner with a cable TV provider, so I expect that the console will be priced like a smartphone. I expect that you’ll be paying $99 [£65] for the console with a cable TV subscription”.

Could Microsoft be planning a similar model in the UK? We think it unlikely, due to the paucity of premium TV providers around. Also, the hassle of having to change your TV provider just to save a few quid on a console could put consumers off.

Pachter also believes that the Xbox 720 will be a portal for TV and smart TV features – essentially a one stop shop for all your entertainment, so you won’t need a separate cable box or smart TV. He’s “certain” that it’ll be able to send pictures to every screen in your house, with SmartGlass the controller.


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