Xbox 360 gets LOVEFiLM, BBC and YouTube

Kinect owners won't even have to reach for the remote to channel-hop

Finally, the Xbox 360 is catching up to the PS3's TV-in-a-console capabilities. Microsoft has announced that Xbox LIVE Gold customers – who've coughed up the £40 a year subscription – will be getting access to over 40 new features including LOVEFiLM, Blinkbox, YouTube, VEVO and terrestrial channels including BBC, Channel 4 and Channel 5.

You'll be able to access tons of movies on LOVEFiLM if you have a £5.99 subscription or above and while the BBC is yet to confirm whether you can get iPlayer, we reckon on-demand Beeb, and 4oD on the Xbox 360 are only a matter of time. Add to this the 10,000+ movies available on Blinkbox and you'll never need to leave the house.

What's awesome for us, but not so much for our fitness, is Kinect's support for Xbox LIVE. You'll be able to search through VEVO's database of 45,000 music videos with a flick of your hand or browse YouTube vids by barking at your TV – otherwise known as gestures and voice command.

All the news so far points to a roll-out before Christmas; perfect for those of us planning to hibernate in a cosy multimedia nest this winter.


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