Xbox 360 to get price drop and slim redesign?

It has been a move expected by the gaming fraternity, and now an advert dug out by Kotaku in the States shows what appears to be an Xbox 360 Elite pri

This would bring the price of Microsoft's console in line with Sony's forthcoming PS3 Slim, and considering they now both offer a 120GB hard drive and HDMI ports, it seems like a smart move from Microsoft.

However before you start getting excited, it's probably unlikely we'll see such such a price cut here, as the Xbox 360 sells for around £230, £20 less than the Sony PS3 Slim is set to hit the shelves for.

As well as all this price cutting business, analysts are also expecting a slimmed down re-design from the Microsoft camp – although this may not be until 2010.

Will it be a tie in with the highly-anticipated Project Natal? Let us know your thoughts on a skinny Xbox 360 below.

Via: The Guardian