Xbox 360 dashboard update coming 6 December

The revamped interface brings Kinect integration and a dash of Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox 360 dashboard will be getting a fresh new look on 6 December.

Continuing the drive to bring the interfaces of all its products closer together, it'll have a hint of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 7's "Metro" tile-based design, while retaining elements of the original Xbox Experience so as not to bamboozle stuck-in-their-ways gamers.

Profiles and save data will be saveable to the cloud, and you'll be able to set "beacons" to let others know when you'll be playing online. Kinect is Microsoft's big product right now, so more thorough integration with the motion controller is on the menu, including full Kinect motion and voice control.

It'll also house more on-demand content with BBC iPlayer, 4OD and the newly joined LoveFilm on board in time for Christmas. 

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