X10 AirPad squeezes Gingerbread into £120 7in tablet

Missed out on a bargain TouchPad but still feeling tech thrifty?

The HP TouchPad sale and scramble has got budget tablets swimming around everyone's minds – we want one and we want it cheap. If you're willing to compromise on specs to bag a 7in tablet for Wi-Fi web browsing, you could do much worse than the just-announced X10 AirPad.

The maker of home automation gadgets has crammed its debut into the tablet field with a 7in capacitive touchscreen, access to Android Market, full-sized USB port, HDMI output and 4GB of internal storage (plus microSD slot). So there's no tablet-specific Android Honeycomb OS here but we've seen much worse than 2.3 Gingerbread on budget tablets lately and the 1.2Ghz dual-core processor should run multiple apps just fine.

The X10 AirPad is being shown off for $200 across the pond but we'll keep you posted on whether the value Android tab makes its way over here.


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