WWDC predictions - not just the 3G iPhone?

It’s early monday morning in the UK, but here in San Francisco it’s Sunday night, the eve of Steve Jobs’s keynote at the Apple Worldwide Developers’ C

Even the customs officer was talking about. The Apple guys shipped in a load of the new handsets earlier in the week, he claimed, and demanded a private room before revealing what was in the box.

Some mobile retailers have gone even further and posted 'unboxing' pictures of the new iPhone on the web. But are they real?

What can we expect Steve to unveil in his keynote?

- iPhone software 2.0. We know this one is coming: a full disclosure of the power of the

new version of the iPhone operating system, which will allow third-party applications, distributed via iTunes. Key features include support for Microsoft Outlook Server push email, and - hopefully - support for Flash within Safari. Probability: dead cert.

- 3G iPhone. We know this one’s coming, too - Jobs admitted it was in development back when the iPhone was first unveiled 18 months ago - and although Apple is remaining tight-lipped about whether it’ll be officially announced during Steve’s keynote it seems a certainty. Expect a slightly redesigned enclosure enclosure, black backing and the possibility of coloured casings. Probability: Highly likely, although the lack of Apple’s traditional global keynote simulcast has given credence to some of the naysayers. Still, if the new iPhone doesn’t appear, Apple’s stocks will take a beating. And I'll eat my iPod Shuffle.

- iPhone with sat-nav. This is less certain - it makes sense to build on the Google maps cellular location service in the current iPhone, and take Nokia head-on. On the other hand, the desire to keep costs down (and battery life up) might see GPS plans scuppered. Probability: Difficult to locate.

- iPhone nano. A smaller, cheaper, clamshell iPhone? Probability: Miniscule.

- Over-the-air iTunes downloads. Adding 3G to the iPhone opens up a few intriguing possibilities - videocalling is highly likely, speedy browsing and video streaming in a no-brainer, but what about over-the-air music downloads? Probability: Unlikely. There are too many network download offerings out there, plus it'd put a strain on the 3G networks. (Which also throws up the possibility that a 3G iPhone won't come with an all-you-can-eat data plan).

- Redesigned MacBook Pros. Apple’s pro laptops are in need of a design refresh - they’re still rocking the Powerbook G4 enclosures. However, the recent update (to include a multitouch trackpad) suggests Apple might save a slimmer, cooler Pro for later in the year. Probability: Slim chance.

So there you have it. In all likelihood, we'll see the 3G iPhone but won’t have any specifics about the launch until later in the month. And if the rumours are true, the new phone will be available in heavily subsidised form - some are saying O2 will even give it away for free in the UK to high-paying customers who sign up in store.

Stay tuned to find out. My live coverage of the keynote starts just before 6pm.

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