WWDC keynote – Schiller to stand in for Jobs again

We've already got our bags packed in anticipation for our flight to WWDC in early June. And while we can't help indulging in the rumours about the new

Alas, that won't be the case, with Phil Schiller taking the keynote on 8 June, just as he did at Macworld in January. Apple has just tapped us with word of what we can expect saying, "At WWDC, we will be giving our developers a final Developer Preview release so they can see the incredible progress we’ve made on Snow Leopard and work with us as we move toward its final release."

That's cool and all, but what we really want is that newly minted iPhone and even the much–touted iPod Touch Pro.

We'll be down the front row while Schiller delivers Apple's plans for gadget domination. Sp whle you wait for our live coverage, why not tell us what you want from WWDC in the comments section below.