WWDC 2009 – iPhone 3G S: faster, bigger and now with video

Apple has finally confirmed what we've all been waiting for – the iPhone 3G S – and it's coming this month in a beefed up 32GB version, pa

Apple has finally confirmed what we've all been waiting for – the iPhone 3G S – and it's coming this month in a beefed up 32GB version, packing video, voice recognition and a whole lot more.

The S apparently stands for "speed", with Apple's Phil Schiller saying it is the "fastest, most powerful iPhone yet", promising "incredible speedups" in everything you do.

Despite the many rumours suggesting the new iPhone would pack a front-facing camera, there isn't one, with the outside looking very much unchanged – and there'll be no matte back either. In fact, the changes have all taken place on the inside.

Firstly, the camera has been bumped up to 3 megapixels as predicted, and will include some pretty slick new features, including auto-focus, auto-white balance, auto-macro and auto-exposure. Another addition is the tap-to-focus feature, which will allow you to tap the object you want to be the main focus of the picture.

As mentioned, one rumour that has proved to be true is that the new camera will also capture video, and there will be a simple switch in the camera app to allow you to switch between the two modes. Video will come packing the same round up of "auto" features as stills, and will record in VGA at a fair 30fps.

Once you've captured your masterpiece, you'll be able to upload it straight to YouTube, drop it in an email or send it over MMS.

iPhone 3GS will also pack voice recognition, allowing you to make phone calls and control your songs by speaking simple commands. A nice touch is you'll be able to ask your phone what song is playing if you're too lazy to look, or ask it to "play more songs like this" to get Apple's Genius software to search for other tunes it thinks you might like.

Possibly one of the major bugbears with iPhone users is the less-than-brilliant battery life, and that has thankfully been addressed too, getting a boost with up to 9 hours web surfing, 12 hours talk time (2G) or 5 hours talk-time (3G), 10 hours of video and 30 hours of audio.

Rounding up the new specs, there's that built-in digital compass we heard whisperings of, built-in Nike+ support we already told you about, data encryption, and of course the much rumoured, semi-leaked beefed-up 32GB version, alongside a smaller 16GB as well.

You'll be able to pick up both versions in black and white, and the impatient among you will be happy to hear it'll hit the UK from 19 June. Wowsers, Apple don't hang around.

Pricing is currently unclear for the UK, as is exclusivity, but Apple did announce AT&T prices would be $199 for 16GB and $299 for the 32GB.

The original Apple iPhone 3G will be avilable for the bargain price of $99.

We'll bring you any updates when we have them.