Wrex the Dawg heading to UK

We first clamped eyes on robotic pooch Wrex the Dawg at gadget hoedown CES, back in January this year. And now the little fella has mooched his way ov

The metal mutt makes much like his real life chums. Namely indulging in massive mood swings, cocking his leg at inopportune moments and going berserk whenever strangers try saying “he wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

Aside from happy, sad and angry modes, he’ll drop into exercise and hunger at the drop of a hat. Oh, and make cat noises. Don’t ask us why.

The price for all this robotic madness? £100 from high street emporium Argos. A snip considering you won’t have to take him for rabies injections or pay compensation to the council when he gets toilet happy in the local park.


Wrex the Dawg

Price: £100

On sale: Now

Contact: Argos