Would you pay £1000 for a pair of headphones?

You might, if they were these Denon AH-D7100s with Free Edge Nano Fibre drivers

Got a spare grand kicking about? Thanks to Denon’s new AH-D7100 flagship headphones you can spend it all on decorating your head. But what makes these so good-slash-expensive?

Denon’s 50mm Free Edge Nano Fibre drivers are designed – using Denon’s 100 years of experience – to give high-end box loudspeaker sound in an over-ear form.

The result, according to Denon, is unprecedented sonic clarity and dynamic range – they also look nice with real mahogany wood ear cups, plus are comfortable with memory foam ear pads. They even have detachable wires to allow for use of your hi-fi quality cables.

So now you can stop carrying all that weighty cash and trade it in for a comfy pair of headphones that are so clear you may well forgo real-world sounds altogether.

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