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Would you drop £74,000 on this watch?

New car? Deposit on a house? Please. You can't walk around bare-wristed forever can you?

How much?

It says right there. £74,000.

That’s –

Expensive? Yes. But how many watches do you know which are inspired by the Wankel engine?

A… a what?

A Wankel engine. Basically, the Experiment ZR012 is the first timepiece to have a mechanism which rotates in an eccentric pattern, like so:

A result of the C3H5N209 experiment (that’s Nitroglycerin in English), this extravagant titanium and zirconium wrist-hugger displays the time with a pair of rotating Reuleaux triangles, with a power bar to show how much of the 39-hours-per-wind is left.

I’m not sure why, but I want one.

That’s the inner geek in you fighting to get out. Well, if you’re serious then head on over here, where you’ll need to put down a 33,000 Swiss Franc deposit to nab one of only 12 watches made.

[via gizmag]

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