Worms Forts 3D - Sarin

[intro]Your phone will never get fat now it has worms.[/intro]   When people talk about video games, one of the things it makes me think

When people talk about video games, one of the things it makes me think of is Worms. It is one of those intrinsic games like Lemmings and Doom that we just all seemed to play "back in the day." I remember my first Worms experience. All my friends had been raving about it, however it just didn't float my boat. I then remember playing it at University when I went over to the Physics department to meet a friend. This was when I discovered a mythical breed of Physicist who takes over computer labs and plays LAN games of Worms. I am ashamed to say I liked it more this time round. I feel more then just a little bit geeky for admitting that...

All that aside I have decided that Worms can finally be cool. When a game becomes a mobile game I think it gains a certain something that it lacked before. Years ago children past a certain age were not cool if they played video games. This is not the case anymore. Having the latest ringtone and downloadable game now seems to make you the height of cool. Considering I was still a teenager a mere three years ago I guess things change quickly in the 21st century.

So there you have it, another fine Worms game is available for your mobile. Worms Forts 3D costs only £3 and allows you to reminisce about all your best worming times. Oh how we do love to blow things up!