The world's hardest watch?

Classy watchmaker Rado says it's been trying to make the world's hardest wristwatch since the first scratchproof one 40 years ago. So, has it succeeded?

In its quest to make the world's hardest watch, Rado naturally turned to the world's hardest material - diamond.

The new V10K - short for Vickers 10,000, the official measure of hardness - uses hi-tech diamond to protect the case and connections, making the watch truly scratchproof and virtually indestructible.

To streamline the design, there is no crown - the hands can be adjusted on the case back with  a magnetic contact element integrated in the strap.

We're saving our pennies in an old Natwest piggie in the hope of buying one for the £2590 asking price.

It's on sale now via Rado's website.