World's first cupcake vending machine rising soon

Lovers of late-night sweet snacks rejoice! Cupcakes come to automatic shopping

The worlds first cupcake vending machine is opening. Based in Beverley Hills, 24-Hour-Sprinkles will be active all day and night selling baked goodies.

The cupcake vending machine is attached to Sprinkles Bakery, and will sell yummy flavours such as chocolate marshmallow, cinnamon sugar and chai latte.

Other products will include mixes for home baking enthusiasts and cupcakes for dogs. Only in Beverley Hills can you take your poodle for a walk at 4am and treat him to a baked snack. 

Sprinkles has confirmed that the vending machine will be re-stocked day and night, so there's no risk of it running out. Let's hope it decides to bring this automatic marvel to those of us outside the US, too.

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