World domination by Androids almost a reality

Google sets out its stall with Android updates for all, universal accessory support and, well, world domination
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If you just heard the laundry truck pulling up outside Apple HQ, here’s why – Google is about to start playing it at its own game. For those on the good ship iOS, that’d be your cue to soil yourself. The Big G’s just announced ongoing Android update support for multiple manufacturers and networks to stave off the biggest gripe its mobile OS users have – that their phones go out of date owing to lack of firmware updates. Google wants to give users an 18-month security period when their phone is guaranteed to get updates in good time.

It also announced Android Open Accessory – a means of making Android phones compatible with various bits of kit (Google used a gym bike as an example at its I/O event, but it could also be a dishwasher or car).

Unless you’re a developer, this isn’t all that exciting, but it shows one thing: Google knows that its constant updates don’t trickle down to Android hardware, and that’s killing its chances of killing Apple. It also knows that Apple’s doing big business on accessories and it wants some of the pie. The battle for mobile domination is about to get much, much more interesting.


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