Wish List – Nokia tablet

With Windows Phone 7 and tablets both on Nokia’s menu, we take a look at the dish we’d most like to see it serve

Sturdy Nokia design

Nokia's recent phones, such as the N8 and E7, are built like tanks. A tablet based on those colourful, anodized unibody aluminium shells would make for one of the sexiest slabs of tab ever to have graced Gadgetland.

Pixel Qi LCD display

Using an improved version of the Pixel Qi display found in the Notion Ink Adam would result in two very handy modes – a full colour LCD setting for indoor use and a low-power reflective mode that gets brighter in sunlight. Best of both worlds and better battery life? Yes, please.

Punter-friendly ports

Proprietary ports are for losers. We want standard mini HDMI and USB ports and file support for external storage. The ability to work (wirelessly) with a keyboard and mouse is a given.

Tegra 3

NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 should be out in the wild by the time Nokia gets its tablet game on and we can think of no reason not to slot one of these beasts under the hood. The quad-core monster will offer double the power of Tegra 2 with the ability to churn out 2560x1600 resolutions. Thank you, Moore’s law.

Android App Store compatibility

The Ovi store's three tins of beans can't compete with Apple's aisles brimming with fresh produce. A store share is out of the question, but BlackBerry is jumping on the second-best Android wagon for its PlayBook and we see no reason why Nokia shouldn't follow suit.


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